Standards of Conduct & Performance / Corrective Action Policy

Policy Statement

Staff are expected to perform job duties and responsibilities in a manner that reflects the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct and performance. Duke seeks to resolve conduct and performance problems in the most informal and positive manner possible, such as through counseling, coaching, additional training or supervision. Duke has developed specific corrective-action protocols that should be followed when staff do not meet expectations for conduct and/or performance. Disciplinary procedures will be administered consistently and in a manner that is intended to be corrective.

To ensure the equitable processing of corrective actions, the supervisor will be responsible for the proper handling of such matters, including the assurance that staff rights are protected, and that appropriate action is taken when circumstances warrant. Supervisors should therefore consult with the entity/department Human Resources representative or a Staff and Labor Relations representative prior to the implementation of corrective action.

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Human Resources

Issued Date

July 1, 2006
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