Conflict of Interest / Dual Interest and Outside Activities

Duke is committed to upholding the highest legal and ethical standards in its business conduct. All Duke representatives have a responsibility to protect its institutional integrity and reputation. In keeping with this principle, Duke seeks to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest in all aspects of business, patient care, research and governance.

Individuals’ varied interests, activities and backgrounds, in conjunction with the breadth of activities undertaken by Duke, naturally create “dual interests” that may affect both Duke and the individual. Full dual interest disclosure, including those of immediate family members*, along with applying customary conflict of interest management principles, will promote impartial decisions.

See the full Policy on Dual Interest and Outside Activity for Faculty and Staff of Duke University, Duke University Health System, DUMAC, Inc. and the Related Wholly Owned Subsidiaries, Support Corporations and Controlled Affiliates


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Conflict of Interest (COI), Dual and Outside Interest Management


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