Confidentiality Policy

Policy Statement

During the course of employment, staff may have access to Confidential Information. Any Confidential Information, whether oral, written, or electronic, should be maintained in a manner that ensures its confidentiality. The release of any such Confidential Information may result in negative financial or competitive action, productive loss, or cause legal or other non-beneficial impacts on Duke.

Confidential Information must be treated with respect and care by any workforce member who is authorized to have access to this information.  Workforce members who are authorized to use or disclose Confidential Information also have the responsibility to safeguard access to such information.  Workforce members who are authorized by Duke to access Confidential Information have a responsibility to limit access to those that are allowed by permission and/or by law.  The access must be appropriate to the workforce member's job responsibility.  A breach is a violation of this policy and/or state or federal regulatory requirements resulting in the unauthorized or inappropriate use, disclosure or access of Confidential Information.  

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