Personnel File Access

Policy Statement

Duke maintains individually identifiable personnel files on persons who have been or who are its staff, for the purpose of making employment decisions.

A staff member is entitled to inspect or to obtain a copy of his or her own Duke or department personnel file. Duke personnel files may only be examined within the confines of the Office of Human Resources during normal work hours. A record will be maintained of all individuals and agencies requesting information from personnel files. Department personnel files may only be examined within the confines of a supervisor’s office, with the supervisor present.

No individual or private or public agency external to Duke will be permitted access to any individual's Duke personnel file without the express written consent of the individual concerned, but with the following exceptions.

Information in such files will be provided voluntarily to federal or state agencies when: the agency has jurisdiction to make the particular inquiry, the information being sought is obtainable by subpoena, and the appropriate Duke officials are satisfied that the information being sought is actually pertinent to the agency's inquiry. Duke staff have access to another staff member’s Duke or department personnel file only on the basis of a need to know. All persons examining a file on the basis of a need to know will treat the contents of the file as confidential, unless under legal subpoena and/or when contents may be incorporated into a recommendation governing the future status of the staff member.

Read the full Access to Duke or Department Personnel File(s) and Recordkeeping Requirements Policy


Human Resources

Issued Date

July 1, 2006
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