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Common Phrase
90-Day Orientation EvaluationRequired 90-day orientation and evaluation period for staff new to Duke and supervisor's role.
Academic and Financial Obligation (Students)Academic requirements and financial obligations, as specified in the school bulletin, in order to remain in good standing. 
Academic TenureAcademic tenure is granted to members of the University faculty in accordance with Article XXII of the University Bylaws.
Acceptable UseConditions for institutional and/or legal requirements to access or disclose data or records.
AccessibilityStatement on compliance with ADA and Rehabilitation Act
AlcoholDuke's University-wide alcohol policy and responsible use of alcohol; includes disciplinary action for violations for students. 
Animal Use in ResearchDefines proper treatment and care of research animals.
AntitrustDefinitions and implementation guidelines for all Duke employees to comply with U.S. and international antitrust laws.
Appointment and Promotion (Faculty)Procedures to appoint and approve members of the University's regular rank faculty.
Athletics and RecreationCriteria for determining sports for intercollegiate competition.
Athletics Policy ManualPolicies and procedures regarding intercollegiate and club sport programs of Duke University.
Banners and SignsBanners on the exterior or interior of buildings and light poles must be approved and installed by designated University staff.
Benefits in RetirementEligibility requirements for staff to participate in benefits after retirement.
Benefits Status and EligibilityEmployment status definitions related to benefits administration.
Bereavement/Funeral LeaveCriteria for university staff using leave for bereavement/funeral.
Building and Facilities AccessRequirements for ingress/egress access controls and administering electronic access privileges.
Classroom Disruption, Disorderly Conduct and Failure to ComplyExpected behavior of students, situations in which an instructor may ask the student to leave the class meeting, and potential disciplinary action they face for violating policy.
Commitment to Diversity and InclusionDuke seeks to welcome and fully engage people of diverse backgrounds, abilities and perspectives to advance our work.
Computing and Electronic ResourcesAccess to and use of Duke's computing and networking resources is limited to authorized users for approved purposes only. Describes ethical, legal, and secure use of University computers; violations will receive academic due process.
Conflict of Interest /Dual Interest and Outside Activities (Faculty/Staff)Policy and guiding principles on dual interests and outside commitments (conflict of interest/COI) and reporting requirements.
Conflict of Interest / Dual Interest and Outside Activities (Boards/Trustees)Policy on dual interest (conflict of interest/COI) and reporting requirements for members Boards.
Conflict of Interest (Research)Obligation to avoid unacceptable ethical, legal, financial or other conflicts of interest (COI) and to fully disclose any outside activities.
ConfidentialityRequires staff to comply with Duke Confidentiality Agreement
Consensual RelationshipsStatement about romantic relationships between supervisors and staff.
Continuous Employment ServiceRequirements for calculation of continuous service credit with Duke.
Controlled ItemsGuidance and resources for complying with United States export laws for the physical movement of any technology or goods (equipment, substances, data, biologic material, computers, etc.) outside the United States.
Corporate Records Governance conditions and procedures to access board minutes and other corporate records.
Cost-SharingExpectation to avoid unless required by the sponsor and approved at the time of proposal submission.
Data ClassificationCategorizes information or data as sensitive or restricted according to Duke's data classification and regulatory requirements. 
Data LicensingGuide to licensing data to third parties for use or study.
Disability and ImpairmentExpectations and options for staff with mental or physical impairments that interfere with work.
Disorderly ConductDefines disorderly conduct and outlines examples.
Dispute ResolutionProcedure for fair, orderly, and prompt resolution of disagreements regarding employment policies.
Distinguished ProfessorshipsProcedures to appoint and approve distinguished professorships.
Document Retention Policies and GuidelinesEstablishes records retention guidelines which vary based upon record type and area.
DronesGuidance regarding the type of drone operations acceptable and processes for requesting permission to operate drones on Duke property or for Duke purposes.
Drugs and Drug ParaphernaliaProhibition on manufacturing, selling, delivering, possessing, using, or being under the influence of a controlled substance without legal authorization while on Duke Property or in Duke facilities.
Drug ConvictionRequirement to notify supervisor within seven days of conviction of violating a criminal drug statute at the workplace.
Duke as an Applicant OrganizationObligation to ensure compliance with sponsor and University requirements for managing sponsored funds.
DukeCard Access (Students)Defines rights, privileges, and use of identity and access cards.
Duke IdentificationStudent and staff identification that indicates authorization to be in Duke facilities.
Educational Allowance for Long-Term International AssignmentEligibility requirements for a dependent educational allowance during the international assignment.
Effort Commitment, Reporting and CertificationRequirement to allocate and record effort appropriately throughout the life of the sponsored agreement to support accurate effort reporting in compliance with applicable terms and regulations.
Effort Management for Clinical Research StudiesRequirement to allocate and record effort appropriately throughout the life of the clinical research agreement to support accurate effort reporting in compliance with applicable terms and regulations.
Electronic CommerceDefines the use of electronic ordering and payment for goods, services, and donations.
Eligibility for BenefitsEligibility requirements for benefits for university and health system staff and dependents. 
Emeritus StatusConditions and procedures to bestow the emeritus title to faculty or officers.
Employment Health CheckRequirement for staff in certain positions to undergo a periodic health review.
Endowment SpendingDefines the spending rate for endowment and other funds invested.
Enrolling and Making Changes in BenefitsDeadlines for enrolling and making changes to benefits based on annual or qualifying events.
Eponymous ProfessorshipRequirements for a named professorship to honor persons in Duke's past.
Equal OpportunityDuke prohibits discrimination and harassment and provides equal employment opportunities.
Equipment DisposalAll surplus equipment and furnishings must be routed through Procurement Services for disposition.
Equipment TransfersEquipment is owned by Duke and/or the government and may not be transferred from Duke without Duke and/or the granting agency approval.
External Board Service Policy for Faculty and StaffConditions and stipulations for faculty or staff service on an external governing board.
Facilities & Administrative (F&A) CostsRequirement to include full Facilities and Administrative costs on all proposals for external funding, except gifts, unless prior approval is obtained from the appropriate Management Center.
Faculty Academic FreedomDuke University protects academic freedom for its entire instructional staff, and guards against incursions upon essential academic freedoms.
Faculty AppointmentsProcedures to appoint and approve regular faculty ranks.
Failure to Comply (Students)Defines student failure to comply including directions, requests or orders, etc.
Falsification/Fraud (Students)Definition of misrepresentation of fact, forgery, alteration, or misuse of information.
FERPAProcess for handling student records in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).
Fire SafetyTaking steps to minimize the potential for fires and to install and maintain equipment necessary to control fires.
Fiscal AgentServing as a fiscal and/or legal agent for any external organization where the relationship includes either applying for Federally-sponsored funding or charging costs to a Federally-supported project.
Gambling (Students)Outlines gambling-like activities that are permitted.
General Accounting Procedures (GAP)Requirements for recording financial transactions.
Gift Acceptance and DispositionCriteria and restrictions on non-cash and non-cash equivalent gifts and donations made to Duke and/or its support corporations and affiliated entities.
Global TravelGuidance and expectations for traveling outside the United States using Duke support or funding.
Governing DocumentsDocuments that guide the governance of Duke University.
Group EmailAppropriate uses for group email i.e., large-scale emailing.
HarassmentDefines harassment of any kind for any reason as not acceptable.
Harassment and DiscriminationProhibits harassment and discrimination based on all protected characteristics.
Hazing (Students)Defines hazing and associated violation levels, along with sanctions for hazing, and reporting process.
Hiring RelativesStaff may not hire or supervise their relatives unless an exception is approved by the vice president of HR.
Holidays for University StaffAnnual schedule of designated and discretionary holidays for University staff and staff in academic medical and research units.
Hours WorkedRequirements for determining hours worked for hourly-paid staff.



Common Phrase
Intellectual PropertyDetails Intellectual Property Rights; Inventions, Patents and Technology Transfer; Research Records - Sharing, Retention, Ownership
Inventions, Patents and Technology TransferDefinition and general principles of ownership that arise from the intellectual and research efforts of Duke faculty or staff
Joint and Secondary AppointmentsCriteria and procedures for the unit of primary appointment to initiate recommendations for joint or secondary appointment.
Jury DutyEligibility for paid leave for jury duty or subpoena to serve as a witness.
Kiel Memorial Voluntary Vacation/PTO DonationRules for donating time off to others who have used up available paid time off due to catastrophic illness or injury.
Land and Building UsageUse of university lands and facilities as private property of Duke University.
Leave for Parent Involvement in SchoolsConditions for annual leave allowance for a child's school activities.
Leave of AbsenceRequirements for taking a temporary employment leave of absence.
Logos and TrademarksPolicy regarding use of name(s), images, symbols, logos, and trademarks that are associated with Duke University.
Mass Communication Tools / Software PurchasesDepartments considering the purchase and implementation of mass communication tools or other software applications must obtain approval.
Minors on CampusRequirements for having minors participate in activities and programs.
Misconduct in ResearchProcedures to identify, report, investigate and take action on questions regarding research integrity.
Non-Retaliation and Non-RetributionNo one will be subject to any adverse action just because they report what they honestly believe is a compliance violation.  
Open ExpressionStatement granting freedom of expression with the Duke Community.
Paid Parental LeaveRequirements for paid leave for new parents within the first 12 weeks after the birth or adoption of a child.
Paid Time Off (DUHS)Defines time away practices for DUHS employees.
Paid Time off or PTO GuidelinesDefines time away practices for Duke University employees.
Participating in Duke Professional DevelopmentSummary of opportunities for staff and procedure for participation.
Pay AdministrationRequirements for administration of pay for staff and faculty.
Pay Structure and Processes (DUHS)Requirements and guidelines for determining compensation for Health System employees.
Payout of Accrued Time (DUHS)Payout of unused accrued leave upon resignation, layoff or retirement from DUHS.
Payout of Accrued Time (University)Payment of accrued and unused vacation time upon leaving Duke.
Personnel File AccessCircumstances to allow employees to inspect or obtain a copy of their Duke/department personnel file.
Photography/SurveillanceProhibits unauthorized capturing or recording audio, video, or photographic images when an individual has an expectation of privacy.
Physical Abuse, Fighting, and EndangermentDefines behavior that constitutes physical abuse, fighting and endangerment.
Principal Investigator StatusConditions for serving as principal investigator or program director on sponsored programs. 
Privacy StatementDefines categories of personal data processed, collection practices, and allowable transfer of personal data.
Procurement of Goods and ServicesRequirements for establishing approved vendors and buying goods or services.
Property/Facilities/Services (Students)Expectations to respect the property of Duke and others and disciplinary actions for violations.
Protests and DemonstrationsProhibits disruptive picketing, protesting, or demonstrating on Duke University property or at any place in use for an authorized university purpose.



Common Phrase
Rehire PolicySupervisors are responsible for determining whether a staff member is eligible for rehire.
Reporting arrests or convictionsRequirements to notify supervisor within seven days of arrest for misdemeanor or felony.
Retirement Plans Investment PolicyGuidelines for retirement plans investment policy.
Research COIDefinitions of conflict of interest, conflict of commitment and disclosure of conflict obligations of researchers.
Residential Policies (Students)Rules governing students living on campus, and housing and resident life student conduct system.
Sexual MisconductRequires any employee (faculty, staff) to notify the Office of Student Conduct with details regarding an allegation of sexual misconduct involving a student.
Sexual Misconduct Prevention and ResponseDescribes support services for gender violence victims and survivors.
Signature AuthorityPolicy on authorization requirements to execute contacts on behalf of Duke University.
Social MediaCommunication guidelines for digital platforms such blogs and social media sites.
Social Security Number UseDefines collection, storage and use of SSNs at Duke and instructions on how to obtain approval for this activity.
Socially Responsible InvestingResponsibilities of the Advisory Committee on Investment Responsibility.
SolicitationProhibits soliciting for any outside activity or organization during work time.
Stalking (Students)Prohibits conduct that would cause a reasonable person to fear for their safety.
Standards of ConductExpectation to perform job duties and responsibilities in a manner that reflects the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct and performance.
Statement of Policy on NamingsRequirements for naming programs, positions, buildings or spaces to recognize contributions.
Support Corporations - Establishment, Supervision and Oversight ofProcedures to authorize creation and maintenance for affiliated organizations and support corporations
Tax-Exempt Bond Post-Issuance ComplianceManagement practices and procedures of tax-exempt bond obligations.
Time off or lateness -- Non-approvedRequired corrective actions for unexcused absences or tardiness.
Time off or PTO GuidelinesDefines time away practices.
Time Off RecordsIndividual schools/departments/units are responsible for maintaining accurate records for all staff time off.
TobaccoProhibits use of any tobacco products in any building or on any grounds owned or leased by Duke.
Tuition PolicyBoard authority to approve recommended tuition rates.
University Officers - Appointment and Review ofProcedures for appointment and review of university officers.
University Officers - CompensationRequirements for compensation for officers and material consulting activities.
Volunteer and Unpaid InternsGeneral guidance within which departments may establish specific procedures pertaining to Volunteers and Unpaid Interns.
Voting, Political Activity and Engagement with Government OfficialsProhibits institutional representatives from raising funds for a political candidate or political party; and use of facilities to support a political campaign.
WeaponsProhibits possession, transfer, sale, or use of weapons, or dangerous instruments on any Duke-owned or leased premises.
Zero Rate of Pay Employment StatusEligibility criteria for individuals (faculty or staff) to be included within Duke's HR/Payroll System at zero rate of pay.
Zoom RetentionRecordings are available for a limited time. Additional options are available for longer-term retention of recordings.