Duke Policies

Hate and Bias-Related Incidents

Alleged violations of Duke student conduct policies which could be bias-/hate-related should be communicated to the Office of Student Conduct (OSC); and, for students outside of Trinity College or the Pratt School of Engineering, to the appropriate administrator in the student’s school or college as well. Reports of alleged violations by undergraduates will be addressed through the undergraduate disciplinary process. For all other students, whichever entity—the school or OSC—learns of the allegation first will promptly notify the other and will schedule a conversation to determine how the allegation will be handled. The general expectation is that OSC will handle the case, though the school or college has the authority to take the lead in investigating and/or adjudicating any alleged behavior it feels it is best positioned to handle. If OSC handles the case, it will follow the investigation, hearing, and appellate procedures set forth in this guide; the college or school will implement any final sanction. If the case is handled by the college or school, it will follow the college’s/school’s procedures as published and disseminated by the college/school.

Last Updated: 08/24/2018 Policy Owner: Office of Student Conduct