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Alcohol Policy

University-Wide Policy

As a community of scholars and learners, Duke University expects those within its community to be responsible with the use of alcohol. This policy shall guide the role of alcohol everywhere on the Duke campus and at all events sponsored by Duke organizations, schools, or administrative units. Students, staff, and faculty members are encouraged to learn about the social, physiological, and psychological consequences of drinking and alcohol abuse. Excessive and high-risk drinking can lead to negative consequences for the Duke community, including assault, illness, injury, litter, noise, property damage, and driving under the influence. All members of the Duke community share responsibility for creating an environment that limits dangerous drinking behaviors and, therefore, reduces the likelihood of these negative outcomes.

The following shall guide the role of alcohol in the Duke community:

  • All possession, consumption, and distribution of alcohol at Duke University shall be in accordance with applicable North Carolina state laws.
  • Members of the Duke community are responsible for behaving in a manner that is not disruptive or endangering to themselves or others. Being under the influence of alcohol shall not be a mitigating factor for an individual’s behavior.
  • When persons under 21 years of age can reasonably be expected to be present at an event, proper precautions must be taken to restrict distribution and consumption of alcohol to persons of legal drinking age. Student organizations shall also adhere to the specific guidelines for events outlined in The Duke Community Standard in Practice: A Guide for Undergraduates (for organizations that cater primarily to undergraduates) or the Graduate and Professional Student Alcohol Policy (for student organizations that cater primarily to graduate/professional students).
  • Advertising or other communication that references the availability of alcohol at a function may neither promote alcohol as the focus of the event nor promote excessive drinking.
  • Each community (e.g., Undergraduate, Fuqua, Law) may establish additional guidelines and policies governing the possession, consumption, and distribution of alcohol that reach beyond these minimal expectations. Violations of policies shall be adjudicated using existing procedures within each segment of the university.
Last Updated: 08/24/2018 Policy Owner: Office of Student Conduct