Duke Policies

Governance Policies

The Duke University Board of Trustees shall have power to make such rules, regulations and bylaws and to take such other action not inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States and of the State of North Carolina as may be necessary or appropriate for the good government of the corporation and its various operations and management of the property and funds of the same, and to exercise all powers granted to non-profit corporations under the laws of the State of North Carolina.

--- The Restated Charter of Duke University, Section 5

The Bylaws of Duke University, as most recently approved by the Board of Trustees, are hereby incorporated by reference, in their entirety, as policy of Duke. 

Policies Approved by the Duke University Board of Trustees:

     Appointment and Review of Officers (pdf)
     Athletics and Recreation
     Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion (pdf)
     Compensation for University Officers
     Conflict of Interest Policy for Officers and Employees with Administrative Responsibilities
     Conflict of Interest Policy for Faculty
     Conflict of Interest Policy for Trustees and Members of Governing Boards
     Corporate Records Policy
     Creation of Eponymous Professorships
     Endowment Spending Policy
     Equal Opportunity
     Establishment, Supervision and Oversight of Support Corporations
     Gift Acceptance and Disposition
     Inventions, Patents and Technology Transfer
     Naming of Buildings, Programs and Spaces
     Retirement Plans Investment Policy
     Procedures for Reconsideration of Namings and Memorialization (pdf)
     Service of Administrators on External Boards
     Socially Responsible Investing
     Tuition Policy
     Use of University Lands and Facilities